Diderik Buxtehude - Complete Organs Works on 6 North Germany Historical Organs


Diderik Buxtehude
Complete Organ Works

Jean-Charles Ablitzer
6 North Germany Historical Organs 
Cuxhaven-Lüdingworth, Stade I, Steinkirchen, Norden, Weener, Stade II

"Choc" du Monde de la Musique n°148
"Référence" de Compact n°54, 68
"10" de Répertoire n°39 
"Un événement exceptionnel" de Télérama n°2052, 2108

Digital/Digital/iTunes Plus

Complete Organ Works

BuxWV 136       Disc 3       Track   7                     BuxWV 182        Disc 2       Track   4
BuxWV 137       Disc 1       Track   3
                    BuxWV 183        Disc 2       Track 10
BuxWV 138       Disc 3       Track   9                     BuxWV 184       Disc 2       Track   7
BuxWV 139       Disc 3       Track   1                     BuxWV 185       Disc 5       Track   8
BuxWV 140       Disc 1       Track   5                     BuxWV 186       Disc 3       Track   8
BuxWV 141       Disc 6       Track   3                     BuxWV 187       Disc 5       Track   2
BuxWV 142       Disc 5       Track 15                     BuxWV 188       Disc 1       Track   8
BuxWV 143       Disc 6       Track   9                     BuxWV 189       Disc 2       Track   2
BuxWV 144       Disc 3       Track 17                     BuxWV 190       Disc 1       Track   2
BuxWV 145       Disc 4       Track   1                     BuxWV 191       Disc 4       Track 18
BuxWV 146       Disc 6       Track 12                     BuxWV 192       Disc 3       Track   6
BuxWV 147       Disc 5       Track   4                     BuxWV 193       Disc 5       Track 13
BuxWV 148       Disc 1       Track   1                     BuxWV 194       Disc 2       Track   9
BuxWV 149       Disc 2       Track 11                     BuxWV 195       Disc 3       Track 16
BuxWV 150       Disc 2       Track   3                     BuxWV 196       Disc 4       Track   7
BuxWV 151       Disc 6       Track   1                     BuxWV 197       Disc 4        Track   4
BuxWV 152        Disc 4       Track   5                     BuxWV 198       Disc 4        Track 17
BuxWV 153        Disc 1       Track   9                     BuxWV 199       Disc 1        Track   4
BuxWV 155        Disc 2       Track   5                     BuxWV 200       Disc 3        Track 14
BuxWV 156        Disc 2       Track   1                     BuxWV 201       Disc 5        Track   9
BuxWV 157        Disc 2       Track   8                     BuxWV 202       Disc 3        Track 12
BuxWV 158        Disc 3       Track 13                     BuxWV 203       Disc 1        Track   6
BuxWV 159       Disc 4       Track 19                     BuxWV 204       Disc 3        Track   2
BuxWV 160        Disc 1       Track 10                     BuxWV 205       Disc 5        Track 11
BuxWV 161        Disc 3        Track   5                     BuxWV 206       Disc 6        Track   8
BuxWV 162       Disc 5        Track   6                     BuxWV 207        Disc 5        Track 12
BuxWV 163        Disc 5        Track   1                     BuxWV 208       Disc 6        Track   7
BuxWV 164       Disc 4        Track 15                     BuxWV 209        Disc 4        Track 16
BuxWV 166       Disc 6        Track   5                     BuxWV 210        Disc 6        Track 13
BuxWV 167        Disc 4        Track 12                     BuxWV 211        Disc 3        Track 11
BuxWV 168       Disc 4        Track   8                     BuxWV 212        Disc 4        Track 13
BuxWV 169        Disc 5        Track 14                     BuxWV 213        Disc 5        Track   5
BuxWV 170        Disc 5        Track   3                     BuxWV 214       Disc 3        Track 13
BuxWV 171        Disc 6        Track 10                     BuxWV 215        Disc 4        Track 11
BuxWV 172       Disc 4        Track   3                     BuxWV 217       Disc 4        Track   6
BuxWV 173       Disc 5        Track 10                     BuxWV 218       Disc 2        Track   6
BuxWV 174       Disc 4        Track 14                     BuxWV 219       Disc 1        Track   7
BuxWV 175       Disc 4        Track 10                     BuxWV 220       Disc 6        Track   4
BuxWV 176       Disc 6        Track   6                     BuxWV 221       Disc 3        Track 10
BuxWV 177       Disc 3        Track   4                     BuxWV 222       Disc 6       Track   2
BuxWV 178       Disc 3        Track 15                     BuxWV 223       Disc 4        Track   2
BuxWV 180       Disc 4        Track   9                     BuxWV 224       Disc 6        Track 11
BuxWV 181       Disc 5        Track   7                                      

Disc 1 : Wilde-Schnitger Historical Organ (1598-1683) Sankt Jacobi Church, Cuxhaven-Lüdingworth, Niedersachsen, North Germany
Disc 2 : Huß-Schnitger Historical Organ (1668-1688) Sankt Cosmae und Damiani, Stade, Niedersachsen, North Germany
Disc 3 : Schnitger Historical Organ (1685-1687) Sankt Martini und Nicolai, Steinkirchen, Niedersachsen, North Germany
Disc 4 : Schnitger Historical Organ (1688-1692) Sankt Ludgeri Church, Norden, Niedersachsen, North Germany
Disc 5 : Schnitger Historical Organ (1710-1782) Evangelical reformed Church, Weener, Niedersachsen, North Germany
Disc 6 : Bielfeldt Historical Organ (1730-1736) Sankt Wilhadi Church, Stade, Niedersachsen, North Germany

Note : The musicological texts as well as those on the organs are available on each concerned album (Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6) of the complete works.

Jean-Charles Ablitzer


he is titular of the post of organist at the St Christopher Cathedral in Belfort. He enjoys an international career as a concert player and also works with singers and instrumentalists. He was employed for almost 15 years by the Fondation Royaumont as a continuo player and as the organist for the Il Seminario Musicale ensemble directed by Gérard Lesne.

Jean-Charles Ablitzer initiated in Belfort the construction of instruments with complementary and strong charactered sound aesthetics. These instruments proved to be useful teaching materials as part of the lessons he taught at the Belfort music conservatory from 1971 to 2007. An Iberian style pipe organ, built by the Spanish organ-builders Christine Vetter and Joaquin Lois Cabello completes this organistic heritage since 2017. It is set up in Grandvillars, its hometown.

In 2005, he heads the rehabilitation and reconstruction project of the legendary organ (1596) of the Gröningen castle in Germany. Instrument played by Michael Praetorius. He was made honorary president of the Organum Gruningense Redivivum association in Halberstadt in Germany as recognition for his founding role in this fabulous project.

In the year 2000, Jean-Charles Ablitzer was named Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres and in 2010, Chevalier de l'Ordre national du Mérite by the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication.

His musical research that he shares with enthusiasm and humility and his talent as a musician make him a very appreciated and endearing organist.

The high quality of Ablitzer's recordings (Bach, Boehm, Brahms, Couperin, Buxtehude, Titelouze...) has received ample praise from the critics :

"…Playing a superb Catalan instrument with the characteristic Iberian nasality, Ablitzer constructs a glittering monument resounding with vast incandescent figures. Phrasing, registration, and digital dexterity are stunning. No one since Chapuis has played Couperin this brilliantly…" (from a review by Jean-Luc Macia, Diapason).

"…Jean-Charles Ablitzer's abilities as a colourist enable him to etch the smallest details of a tormented work that eschews comfortable harmonies and banal equilibrium, and to confront its most lyrical effusions with aplomb. This "Complete Works" (Buxtehude) in progress is devilishly promising…" (from a review by Paul Meunier, Télérama).

"…But never fear; the Belfort organist doesn't drag Brahms over the borderline into austere pedantry. He remembers the lesson this composer learned during his long stay in Vienna, the importance of smooth flow and sunny declamation : here is a recording flooded with j just that Viennese spirit…" (from a review by Xavier Lacavalerie, Télérama).

"…his fervour is enough to draw tears from a stone, but it is his exuberance and joy that fulfil the crucial role of restoring to Titelouze's music its original sharp brilliance and dazzling verve. The centuries fall away, the musical themes engage with each other like flashing swords of light…" (from a review by Paul Meunier, Télérama).

"…dedicated to Georg Boehm, known for having influenced the great Bach, his works, it is now proven, deserve their own success. To the glowing chorales, Monique Zanetti lends her pureness and ecstatic innocence, while Jean-Charles Ablitzer offers glory and enlightenment.” (from a review by Paul Meunier, Télérama)

"…he is well aware of the recent musicological evolutions, his application of which is extremely seductive… He is not the prisoner of any fashion in his choice of tempi, phrasing, or registration. On the contrary, he is constantly inspired, proposing innovative solutions with every page." J.S. Bach, Organ Works in Goslar, Germany, (from a review by Francis Albou, Répertoire des disques classiques).

Complete Organ Works - 6 CD Remastered -Original Recording

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Disc 1

Praeludium BuxWV 148 
in G-moll/in G minor/Sol mineur

Choral BuxWV 190 
"Gott der Vater wohn uns bei"
Praeludium BuxWV 137
in C-dur/in C major/Ut majeur

Choral BuxWV 199 
"Komm, Heiliger Geist, Herre Gott"

Praeludium BuxWV 140
in D-moll/in D minor/Ré mineur

Magnificat primi toni BuxWV 203
Choral BuxWV 219
"Vater unser im Himmelreich" 

Fantasie BuxWV 188
on/sur "Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ"

Praeludium BuxWV 153
in A-moll/in A minor/La mineur

Ciacona BuxWV 160
in E-moll/in E minor/Mi mineur

Disc 2

Toccata BuxWV 156
in F-dur/in F major/Fa majeur

Choral BuxWV 189
"Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ"

Praeludium BuxWV 150
in G-moll/in G minor/Sol mineur

Choral BuxWV 182
"Der Tag, der ist so Freudenreich"

Toccata BuxWV 155
in D-moll/in D minor/Ré mineur

Te Deum laudamus BuxWV 218

Choral BuxWV 184
"Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott"

Toccata BuxWV 157
in F-dur/in F major/Fa majeur

Choral-Fantasie BuxWV 194
"Ich dank dir, lieber Herre"

Choral BuxWV 183
"Durch Adams Fall ist ganz verderbt"

Praeludium BuxWV 149
in G-moll/in G minor/Sol mineur

Disc 3

Praeludium BuxWV 139
in D-dur/in D major/Ré majeur

Magnificat primi toni BuxWV 204

Praeambulum BuxWV 158
in A-moll/in A minor/La mineur

Choral BuxWV 177
"Ach Gott und Herr"

Passacaglia BuxWV 161
in D-moll/in D minor/Ré mineur

Choral BuxWV 192
"Herr Christ der einig Gottes Sohn"

Praeludium BuxWV 136
in C-dur/in C major/Ut majeur

Choral BuxWV 186
"Es ist das Heil uns kommen Her"

Praeludium BuxWV 138
in C-dur/in C major/Ut majeur

Choral BuxWV 221
"Von Gott will ich nicht lassen"

Choral BuxWV 211
"Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland"

Choral BuxWV 202
"Lobt Gott, ihr Christen allzugleich"

Choral BuxWV 214
"Nun lob, mein Seel, den Herren"

Choral BuxWV 200
"Komm, Heiliger Geist, Herre Gott"

Choral BuxWV 178
"Ach Herr, mich armen Sünder"

Choral BuxWV 195
"Ich dank dir schon durch Deinen Sohn"

Praeludium BuxWV 144
in F-dur/in F major/Fa majeur

Disc 4

Praeludium BuxWV 145 
in F-dur/in F major/Fa majeur 

Choral-Fantasie BuxWV 223
"Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern" 

Canzonetta BuxWV 172
in G-dur/in G major/Sol majeur 

Choral BuxWV 197
"In dulci jubilo"

Praeludium BuxWV 152
in A-moll/in A minor/La mineur

Choral BuxWV 217
"Puer natus in Bethlehem" 

Choral-Fantasie BuxWV 196
"Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ" 

Canzona BuxWV 168
in D-moll/in D minor/Ré mineur 

Choral BuxWV 180
"Christ, unser Herr, zum Jordan kam" 

Fuga BuxWV 175
in G-dur/in G major/Sol majeur 

Choral BuxWV 215
"Nun lob, mein Seel, den Herren" 

Canzonetta BuxWV 167
in C-dur/in C major/Ut majeur 

Choral BuxWV 212
"Nun lob, mein Seel, den Herren" 

Fuga BuxWV 174
in C-dur/in C major/Ut majeur 

Toccata manualiter BuxWV 164
in G-dur/in G major/Sol majeur 

Choral BuxWV 209
"Nun bitten wir den heiligen Geist" 

Choral BuxWV 198
"Jesus Christus, unser Heiland, der den Tod überwand" 

Choral BuxWV 191
"Herr Christ, der einig Gottes Sohn" 

Ciacona BuxWV 159
in C-moll/in C minor/Ut mineur

Disc 5

Praeludium manualiter BuxWV 163
in G-moll/in G minor/Sol mineur

Choral BuxWV 187
"Es spricht der Unweisen Mund wohl"

Canzona BuxWV 170
in G-dur/in G major/Sol majeur

Praeludium BuxWV 147
in G-dur/in G major/Sol majeur

Choral BuxWV 213
"Nun lob, mein Seel, den Herren"

Praeludium manualiter BuxWV 162
in G-dur/in G major/Sol majeur

Choral BuxWV 181
"Danket dem Herren"

Choral BuxWV 185
"Erhalt uns, Herr, bei deinem Wort"

Choral BuxWV 201
"Kommt her zu mir, spricht Gottes Sohn"

Canzona BuxWV 173
in G-moll/in G minor/Sol mineur

Magnificat noni toni BuxWV 205

Choral BuxWV 207
"Nimm von uns, Herr, du treuer Gott"

Choral BuxWV 193
"Herr Jesu Christ, ich weiss gar wohl"

Canzonetta BuxWV 169
in E-moll/in E minor/Mi mineur

Praeludium BWV 142
in E-moll/in E minor/Mi mineur

Disc 6

Praeludium BuxWV 151
in A-dur/in A major/La majeur

Choral BuxWV 222
"Wär Gott nicht mit uns diese Zeit"

Praeludium BuxWV 141
in E-dur/in E major/Mi majeur

Choral BuxWV 220
"Von Gott, will ich nicht lassen"

Canzona BuxWV 166
in C-dur/in C major/Ut majeur

Fuga BuxWV 176
in B-dur/in B flat major/Si bémol majeur

Choral BuxWV 208
"Nun bitten wir den heiligen Geist"

Choral BuxWV 206
"Mensch, willt du leben seliglich"

Praeludium BuxWV 143
in E-moll/in E minor/Mi mineur

Canzonetta BuxWV 171
in G-dur/in G major/Sol majeur

Choral BuxWV 224
"Wir danken dir, Herr Jesu Christ"

Praeludium BuxWV 146
in Fis-moll/in F scharp minor/Fa dièse mineur

Choral BuxWV 210
"Nun freut euch, lieben Christen gmein"



"Choc" du Monde de la Musique n°148
"Référence" de Compact n°54, 68
"10" de Répertoire n°39 
"Un événement exceptionnel" de Télérama n°2052, 2108 
"The best CD of the month" de Compact-Hifi 
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